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Karnataka Beach Tourism
karnataka beaches
Embellishing the western coast of India, beaches of Karnataka are an epitome of exquisiteness, grace and serenity. Covering a length of 320 Km, they are among the best tourist attraction in Karnataka. The beaches of Karnataka proffer you a world totally unknown but highly craved for. To cut loose from the mundane and wearing chores and to rejuvenate you, there is no better way than spending some quality time by the side of shimmering blue Arabian Sea. Many of the beaches are still to be discovered by tourists. As most of the locales here live a slow life, and are not much into promoting tourism, these heavenly beaches remain under wraps. Dotted with fascinating temples and forts, you are in for a lot more than just water sports and sunbathing.
Murudeshwar Beach
murudeshwar beachMurudeshwar Beach proves to be a splendid place for pilgrims as well as for tourists. Just 1 Km from Bhatkal, Murudeshwar is among the most visited beaches in Karnataka. There is a temple build in Murudeshwar, at a place where the part of Pranalinga thrown by King Ravana fell. The temple is brimming with exquisite statues and carvings. The temple is visited by numerous pilgrims throughout the year. Situated between unending seas, and ever so high mountains, Murudeshwar is a splendid place to spend time alone or for a picnic with your family.
Malpe Beach
malpe beachMalpe beach situated just 6 Km from Udupi is the most gracious beaches of all in Karnataka. No other beach offers so much calm and tranquility mixed with such stupendous beauty. Lying under the shadow of swaying palm trees, listening to the winds ruffling its leaves, rejuvenates the soul to the deepest. When on Malpe beach, do not forget to explore the island of Darya Bahadurgadh. On the island, visit Balarama Temple and Malpe's oldest tile factory. Another island, to where you can plan a trip to, is St. Mary's Island. The island is 300 m long and 100 m wide and its uniqueness is in the basalt rock formations that rise abruptly from the sea bed in various shapes.
Marawanthe Beach
marawanthe beachBeaches of Marawanthe are among the best that are there in Karnataka. Marawanthe Beach is sandwiched between sea at one side and highway and Sauparnika River on the other side. One thing is for sure that there is no place better than Marawanthe Beach to enjoy a sunset. Most of the beach remains un-congested throughout the day. One can see few fishermen carrying on with their daily chores and kids playing with the sand. Some parts of the beach offer options for water-sports as well. Taking a walk in the late evening, under the streetlights, over the cool sands, is a feeling that is set to stay with you for the rest of your life.
Karwar Beaches
karwar beachesNot only is it the most popular among locales, tourists too find the splendid town of Karwar extremely appealing. Karwar coast has beaches that are fringed with high mountains and valleys on one side and stretches of golden sand and tranquil sea on the other. It is said that the beauty of this place inspired the great Rabindranath Tagore to write down his first play. Apart from enjoying a refreshing sunbath on the beaches, walk around to find other attractions like Sadashivgad Fort, Durga Temple inside the fort, hundreds of year old Venkatrama Temple, an octagonal church and Naganatha Temple which make visiting these beaches even more worth. There are five islands off the coast of Karwar. Of which, the most beautiful is the enchanting Devbagh island.
Bhatkal Beach
bhatkal beachFamous Bhatkal Beach is located at a distance of 16-km from Bhatkal and 126 km from Karwar. Dotted by the calm blue seas and majestic hills, this beach is a popular tourist spot and known for the exquisite temples. Best season to visit Bhatkal beach is from August to March.

kurumgad beachKurumgad -a tortoise-shaped island is situated at a distance of 4 km from the mainland. The beach is famous for the hilltop Narasimha Temple where thousands of devotees throng the temple during the annual jatra held on Pushya Purnima every year in early January. One can enjoy viewing the sea and the sand. The beach also facilitates number of beach activities, one can indulge in water sports such as trekking, fishing, dolphin and seal-spotting, a boat cruise to other nearby islands, diving, snorkeling, treasure hunts, guided tours, or star-gazing.
gokarna beachGokarna, a beach town has some most splendid beaches of the region. Om beach, one of Gokarna's five famed beaches, is in the shape of an 'Om,'- most spiritual symbol of Hindus. The other famous beaches, compressed between massive steep rocks that project like delicate fingers into the sea, are Gokarna, Kudle, Half Moon and Paradise. One can visit Gokarna any time round the year.
Karnataka Hill Stations
hill stations in karnataka
The hill stations of Karnataka are famous for their unique charm and natural bliss that envelopes them. Lying on mountain tops most of the have remained camouflaged, that is away from the modern influence and commercialization. Dense forests, deep ravines and interesting sunsets and sunrises are all the components that make Karnataka hill stations a quiet and peaceful place to sojourn in. These are largely located in the various ranges of the Western Ghat Mountains. Each hill station is different from the other and provides great opportunities for the visitors to lose themselves in the serene lap of nature. There are forests and valleys, picturesque settings and tranquil mountain walks. Some of the hill stations are very old and date back to the ancient times of Indian history. Some of them were favorite summer retreats for the Muslim and the British rulers, whereas some of them have been developed in the recent times. Together, they provide the perfect mountain experience to the visitors.
Nandi Hills
nandi hillsNandi Hills is a hill station situated 60 kilometers north of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. This summer resort, also called Nandidurga, served as one of the summer retreats of Tipu Sultan. Nandi Hills had been frequented by the British who constructed bungalows and laid down gardens here. Nowadays the place is very popular with Bangaloreans who consider it a perfect weekend refuge. The 1478 meters high Nandi Hills is the source of several rivers. The jungles enclosing the hills are filled with wild animals. Near the Nandi Hills are several smaller hills which are accessible even on foot.

kemmanagudiKemmanagundi is situated in the Baba Budan Hills. It served in the past as the summer resort of the Maharaja of Mysore, Wodeyar monarch Krishnaraje Wodeyar IV after whom the hill station is also known as the KR Hills. The Royal Horticultural Society of Karnataka has its office here with exquisitely landscaped gardens and beautiful flowers. Within walking distance of Kemmanagundi are the Hebbe Falls. This 168 meters high waterfall is interrupted midway by a rock shelf before it pours downhill. The latter is a pleasant picnic site. The Kalahatti Falls that cascade down 122 meters is another draw, about 10 kilometers from Kemmanagundi.

Kemmanagundi of Karnataka is 260 kilometers from Bangalore, 225 kilometers from Mangalore (the nearest airport), and 55 kilometers from Chikmagalur. Trains stop at Tarakere, the station closest to the place. State Transport buses carry passengers to Kemmanagundi from Bangalore but the most convenient way to get here is to drive.Kemmanagundi at Karnataka boasts delightful weather round the year since the temperature never exceeds 28ºC. Summer is the most important tourist season while the crowds reduce significantly in the course of the monsoons which make for a better and more worthwhile visit.
madikeri packagesMadikeri, the district headquarters of Kodagu is located 252 kilometers from Bangalore and 1525 meters above the sea level. Termed the Scotland of India, this town has several attractions. Breathtaking views ignite your senses and cool wind blowing lets you unwind yourself. Beautiful people smile at you and the fragrance of coffee fills the atmosphere. Undulating hills, verdant forests, endless expanses of tea and coffee plantations, uneven streets and awe-inspiring views convert Madikeri of Karnataka into a wonderful tourist destination.
kudremukhKudremukh is situated about 95 kilometers south-west of Chikmaglur town. The name hints at the intriguing horse-faced shape of the peak. Located along the Arabian Sea, the broad hills are connected to each other by deep valleys and undulating precipices. Almost as good as virgin territory, Kudremukh is a rather quite and comparatively unfrequented hill station which preserves most of its pure and natural beauty. The extensive expanses of dense and verdant forests of Kudremukh, interpenetrated with rivers, lush slopes, breathtaking waterfalls and exotic orchids offer an idyllic background for trekking. Kudremukh of Karnataka boasts of a vast array of flora and fauna, most of it possibly unexplored. Standing tall at 1,894.3 meters above sea level, Kudremukh has considerable iron ore resources.
coorg packagesNoted for its natural beauty, Coorg is a delightful hill resort in Karnataka. Studded with vast coffee plantations and sandal wood trees, Coorg offers an amazing treat to the visual and olfactory senses. Coorg is also known as Kodagu. Coorg of Karnataka comprises some picturesque villages which offer several excellent picnic sites. These include the magnificent Abbey Falls. Most of these are close to Madikeri, the district headquarter standing at about 5,000 feet above sea level. Tadevendamol, the highest peak in the region is ideal for trekking. The peak will give you a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea nearby. Nagarhole National Park is the perfect place for wildlife lovers. Coorg in Karnataka also comprises a few charming temples. Located at the junction of the Cauvery and Sujyothi, the Bagamandala Temple is constructed in accordance with typical Kerala style. The Omkareshwara Temple, consecrated to lord Shiva is another notable religious site. The temple is almost 200 years old. Raja's Seat, within close proximity of the center of the town is a great spot that provides a breathtaking view of the area. The former monarchs of Kodagu are believed to have come to this site to watch the sunset.
chikmagalurChikmagalur is located in the south western area of Karnataka. Situated deep in the Baba Budan hills, Chikmagalur is a quiet, tranquil town packed with scenic surprises, hills, valleys, streams and snow-white coffee blossoms. Chikmagalur located 251 kilometers from Bangalore, appeals greatly to trekkers with its steep mountain trails. It derives its name from the headquarters town of Chikmagalur which literally means younger daughter's town. It is believed that it was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakrepatna. Hiremagalur, another part of the town, was given to the elder daughter. Certain ancient inscriptions reveal that these two places were originally known as Kiriya-magalu and Piriya-magalu.
kodachadri hillsKodachadri is a pleasant hill resort located at a distance of about 115 kilometers from Shimoga and 36 kilometers from Hosanagara, State of Karnataka. This picturesque hill is located such that it overlooks the vast Western Ghats. Kodachadri of Karnataka is reputed for its splendid sunrises and sunsets. The peak of Kodachadri (at a height of 1343 meters above sea level) may be reached after a five-hour trek. On the western part, the hill descends almost steeply for about 1220 meters until it joins the forest of Udupi district. The well known temple town of Kollur is 12 kilometers away. These hills (4411 ft) comprise one of the biggest forest zones in Karnataka and a section of this region constitutes the Mookambika Nature Reserve. Kollur is the perfect base from which to explore the hills. The Mookambika Nature Camp is situated 4 kilometers to the south of Kollur. The Linganmakki Dam, within close proximity of Kodachadri, is also a must see for visitors to this place.
Karnataka Wildlife Tour
karnataka wild life tour
Karnataka's wildlife reserves and lush green forests are included in its rich heritage and legacy. The State is dotted with some of the biggest jungle tracts expended in south of the Vindhyas. The forest reserves are home to diverse variety of wild habitat and varied flora extended over to Western Ghats. The exotic wildlife of Karnataka includes crocodiles basking under the sun, kingfishers waiting for their catch, peacocks dancing over the lush green patches, deer just leaping across the wild. The wildlife doesn't ends here there are voluminous wild habitats all waiting to be discovered. Make a tour to the great wilds of Karnataka experience its magic, feel its profusion and cherish its beauty.
Dandeli Kali Wildlife Sanctuary
banglore wild life sanctuaryDandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, housing some very rare species of wilds still to be explored. Main attractions of the forest are sloth bear, bush grail, deer, elephant, sambar, tiger, gaur, panther and partridge. The jungles of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offers wildlife jeep safari, bird watching, crocodile sighting trips fishing, coracle boat rides and trekking in its great wilds. Take a boat cruise across the river Kali, the amazing sites of crocodiles relaxing under the sun and drove of exquisite water birds flapping their wings in the tranquil waters of the river will leave you absolutely mesmerized. Best Season: November to March.
Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
Cauvery Wildlife SanctuaryLocated in the districts of Mysore, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary nestles amidst the mountain valleys where tranquil river menders its way through the lush green jungles. The reserve makes a perfect getaway to the panoramic splendor of the wild. Its main wildlife attractions are - tiger, leopard, elephant, wild boar, barking deer, four-horned antelope, crocodiles, turtles, python, cobra, green-billed malkoha, white-browed bulbul and the pigmy woodpecker. The sanctuary is also famed for the endangered mahseer fish. A wildlife enthusiast has much options here, one can trek to the top of the hill to get a spectacular view of the Cauvery flowing through the picturesque valley below or raft down the rapids of the Cauvery or can indulge in game fishing. There are also attractions of the majestic carved Shiva temple near by. Best Season: November to March.
Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary
bandipur national parkBandipur Wild life Sacntuary offers a rich and varied wildlife habitat. It is a part of a larger national park, which also includes the neighboring wildlife sanctuaries, of Mudumalaiin Tamil Nadu and Wynad in Kerala. This sanctuary comes under Project Tiger, a scheme launched in 1973, by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, to save the tiger and its habitat. Since then it is successfully handling the hurdles coming all its way in preserving and recreating the endangered species.
Bannerghatta Wildlife Sanctuary
Bannerghatta National Park extends over the vast green patch of Karnataka and lies at a distance of 22 km. from Bangalore. The Park was established in 1971 housing exotic species of wildlife. The park also treasures startling variety of flora and fauna like sandal trees, jalari, chujjullu, neem, tamarind and zizyphus. Extending over 104 sq km, the park includes ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. Besides its wildlife attractions the park also embellished with ample scenic splendor, panoramic hilly terrain along with many ancient temples perched on them.
Nagarhole National Park
nagarahole national parkNagarahole National Park is situated in the scenic town of Kodagu and Mysore in southern Karnataka. In 1975 the Park area was increased to include a greater expanse of forest reserve. Nagarahole got the name from Kannada word-'nagar' meaning snake and 'hole' meaning streams, that very well goes with its name as the wild has ample amount of streams and snakes due to its rich tropical forests. Main wildlife attractions are four horned antelope, panther, warblers, panther, and giant flying squirrel. Other attractions of the town reserve are the honey - gatherers, the hill tribes and the bird trappers inhabiting the park and can be often seen indulging in their activities.
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Ranganathittu Bird SanctuaryRanganathittu Bird Sanctuary is just an ideal spot for the bird lovers. On a tour to Ranganthittu one's eyes get a ravishing treat of wildlife and some most rare bird species. Just glance around and you'll find a host of surprises. Crocodiles basking under the sun, otters running free, flocks of birds gathered on tiny islands, all these make Ranganthittu a visual delight. The thrill keeps going on as one keeps on encountering the rare exotic birds. The main charm of the sanctuary is its guest birds that come all the way from Siberia, Australia and even North America. One have fare chances to meet these birds while on a cruise where the folk of bird is always ready to greet its visitors. It could be the open-bill stork, the white ibis, partridge or even the cormorant trying to say hello. Best time to visit the sanctuary is June -October.
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhadra Wildlife SanctuaryBhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Chikmagalur in Shimoga Districts. The sanctuary is also known as Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary housing some of the great wildlife reserve like the most endangered species- the tiger. The sight of ferocious tiger, the Indian bison, the strange sounds of the striped hyena and the rare flying lizard slides amidst the tall lush trees will leave its visitors absolutely awe- inspiring.
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    Bangalore - Mysore - Coorg - Bangalore
  • COOL PARADICE (5 Nights / 6 Days)
    Bangalore - Mysore - Ooty - Kodaikanal - Bangalore
  • NATURE PARADICE (5 Nights / 6 Days)
    Bangalore - Mysore - Coorg - Wayanad - Calicut
  • JUNGLE DELIGHT (5 Nights / 6 Days)
    Bangalore - Mysore - Nagarahole(Kabini) - Bandipur - Ooty Coimbatore
  • KODAGU VALLEY UNWIND (3 Nights / 4 Days)
    Bangalore - Bangalore - Bangalore
  • THE SHIKARI TRAIL(7 Nights / 8 Days)
    Bangalore - Bandipur National Park - B.R.Hills Wildlife Sanctuary Mysore - Nagarahole National Park - Bangalore
  • SOUTHERN GOLF (9 Nights / 10 Days)
    Bangalore - Mysore - Ooty - Kodaikanal -Madurai
  • BEST OF MALABAR (9 Nights / 10 Days)
    Calicut - Wayanad - Nagarahole National Park - Coorg - Mysore Bangalore
  • HERITAGE KARNATAKA (10 Nights / 11 Days)
    Bangalore - Bheemeshwari - Mysore - Nagarahole - NationalPark Coorg - Hassan - Bangalore
  • ANGLING & WILDLIFE (10 Nights / 11 Days)
    Bangalore - Bheemeshwari - Mysore/Nagarahole - NationalPark Coorg - Hassan - Bangalore
  • WILD KARNATAKA (02 Nights / 03 days)
    Bangalore - Nagarahole National Park - Bangalore
  • WILD & RUSTIC (02 Nights / 03 days)
    Bangalore - B.R. Hills - Bangalore
  • ONE WITH NATURE (02 Nights / 03 days)
    Bangalore - Wayanad - Bangalore
  • ANGLER'S DELIGHT (02 Nights / 03 days)
    Bangalore - Nagarahole National Park - Bangalore
  • WILD BANDIPUR (02 Nights / 03 days)
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  • GREAT WEEKEND (02 Nights / 03 days)
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  • HERITAGE KARNTAKA (02 Nights / 03 days)
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